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Server Clustering

To rule out the inconvenience of single servers and the restraints it imposes, server clustering came into effect with its host of advantages over individual web servers. Although individual hardware delivers quality-oriented output, to upgrade this efficiency level, Web Werks now offers server clustering services in order enhance productivity.

Server clustering is a methodology of grouping independent servers for providing better flexibility, scalability and availability. This technique is mainly designed for applications that deal with frequently updated data. With server clustering, not one, but a number of servers will manage your data as the applications are distributed across the server instances that further eliminated the concern related to bandwidth, traffic or storage space. Simply put, the idea is to reduce the line of duty from a single machine in order to minimize inefficiency.

Implementing the approach can be expensive, but Web Werks have made the service affordable to suit every budget.

What are the features of Server Clustering ?

Better network performance: Workload is distributed among multiple host servers that boost speed and reliability, this improving overall conduct.

High-availability: Due to enhance network efficiency, softwares, applications and databases run without any interruption in service. Thus, in the event of node failure, the load is redistributed to the other server instances on the same machine, promoting business continuity.

Scalability: The capability of handling more load enables adding more server instances to address increasing business demands.

Fast and easy configuration: Servers configure easily and quickly without consuming ample of time for each instance.

Provide us with your clustering requirements and we’ll design the right server clustering strategy just for you. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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