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Keep Your Data Close to You with-in Reliable and Efficient 3rd party Data Center

Fastest access to your data is the key to keep your business running perfectly. Web Werks is the leading colocation data center provider in India, offering a full gamut of services that provide fast and secure access to data of any complexity. Our global data center footprint and our cloud server hosting services means that your data is always nearby by virtue of our geographically diversed data centers. Our high density data center and cloud facilities are supported by professional technicians for seamless, consistent support. As one of the leading data center providers in the world, we promote innovation combined with exceptional security to deliver services that truly make a difference in the way you do business.

What Are the Leading Data Center Solutions Near Me?

 Data integrity is of utmost importance in this digital age, and with a managed dedicated server in combination with cloud security solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind. As a data center is committed to deliver value, our dedicated facilities and optional services, such as our Bare Metal cloud options, support even the most comprehensive workloads. Our practical and scalable solutions are designed to meet the demands of your growing business.

Web Works is a team of future thinking data management professionals, with colocation data center solutions that maximize your efficiency at every turn. When asking the question “who offers the most versatile data solutions around me?” simply choose Web Works. For more information on our data center as well as our private and public cloud storage add ons, contact us at +91 8828 335 555.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Protect Yourself from the Unexpected with the Leading Cloud Backup Solutions in India

Your data is extremely important to your business, so it is the smartest move to have a backup solution that is tailored to the way your business runs. Web Werks is the leading provider of the most dependable cloud storage solutions in India. Our scalable solutions offer flexibility that enables the growth of your business, and our low cost options are highly secure and lightning fast to get you back online should the unexpected happen. Now, you can protect your mission critical data and applications at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-Tiered Support for Online Data Backup Solutions

As the leading global cloud provider, Web Werks offers access to our global data centers and cloud services to keep your data safe. Our cloud backup solutions in India offer a multi-tiered support model that starts with replication and synchronization. Our second level backs up your hard disk volumes seamlessly even when they are in use. For premium online data backup, we offer a range of disaster recovery features that safeguards your data and applications no matter what happens. Our flexible cloud storage solutions in India allow you to choose the features you need without having to pay for those you do not.

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Online data backup offered by Web Werks is a smart choice for modern businesses around the world. To learn more about our options, call today at +91 8828 355 555.

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Ensure recovery success by validating backup content with checksum, validating recovery by automatically running the backup as a VM.

Reduce RTOs of critical systems by automating and orchestrating the recovery by customizing the bootable media with scripting. BMR the operating system, the system configuration, and all the system files and the data files

Increase business resiliency with flexible and reliable recovery by storing your backups in up to five different locations, locally and in the cloud

Protect entire infrastructure and follow best practices by backing up Exchange DAG clusters from passive nodes by default or by choosing the active/specific node to perform the backup.

Reduce RTOs of remote sites and systems by accessing bootable media and restoring bare-metal servers remotely via wide-area networks (WAN).