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File Management As A Service

Do more with the Best File Management software.

This is the world's only software to have a combination of Waterfall and Granular Permission model, which enables users to implement precise access control and restriction over their data like never before. Organizations and users get the best of both worlds in the product - control and ease of use. If you are currently facing questions like 'who deleted that file?', or 'This file is too large to attach in email, how do I send it to you?', then this platform is for you.

Leverage for Crucial Data Management

The security of data is paramount for an organization

Protect your data from unauthorized access

By setting file/folder permissions, a user can precisely allow or restrict access to others on his data. A unique permission model is highly flexible compared to all other solutions in the market today. Also, any data that you store is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption technology. We follow all best practices in the implementation of this technology to ensure that even the server administrator cannot gain access to your files by browsing the storage.

Keep track of every activity happening on your files

The platform keeps track of all activities happening on files. Any activity that triggers a change is logged in the Event Logs along with necessary information like IP address, date/time, user details, and so on. The logs are important piece of information, and for this reason, they are always retained. For example, you can even search and retrieve all activities that happened on a file more than a year ago.

Recover deleted files with ease

Losing important files can be catastrophic for an organization. In the platform, there is never an immediate loss of data. If someone modifies an existing file, it creates a new version of the file. Users can view and download previous versions if they need to. Even when files are deleted, they are merely moved to the Trash folder. It will be available there for up to the next 30 days so that it can be restored when required.

Live Collaborative Editing of files from browser

It is not only possible to edit the most common office document formats from the browser itself, but it also possible for multiple users to simultaneously edit the same file. For e.g., User A could be making changes on Page 1 of the document while User B is adding more content on the last page at the same time, and while both users can see what changes the other person is currently making.

Simplify how you work

Create and store all your work (including cloud content and Microsoft Office files) in FileAgo, so you spend less time switching between apps or searching for files.

Equipped with a document editor powered by Collabora Online, co-authoring in FileAgo is a breeze. Microsoft O365 business users can also use Office for the web to create/edit files that are saved in FileAgo.

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5 Important Elements for Organization’s Crucial Data

DLP (Data Leak & Data Loss Prevention) — Prevents data leaks from being shared with outsiders, via email or WhatsApp, or on a pen drive. Data Loss Prevention: accidental deletion, leak, computer corruption, file corruption Information Rights Management Right-hand data, print, content copy, print preview, watermark.

Gain access to both individual and group work areas. Additional Group capabilities include video calling, chatting, discussing, exchanging files, and screen sharing.

Retrieve erased information from the trash, We keep all file revisions for 30 days and remove files from the trash after that. The original file plus any user-made edits or incremental data additions. Encryption is used for all versions. Information Duplication—when files have the same contents, the same name, and are accessible by several people.

Keep track of events, including IP addresses, timestamps, and user IDs. File modifications or renaming occurred. Any file, whether public or private, is destroyed or shared. Someone from the outside or within gets the file. Files transferred from the trash or attempted logins? Transferring files between users is a breeze. The rights of each user and each group are displayed.

Only a super admin can create users and groups. The super admin approves users, and the group admin assigns rights to team members based on their contributions. An individual can grant permission in the group, parent, sub, or sub-sub folder. Only the super admin or group admin can decide to grant download authorization.

FileAgo as a Work From Home solution

In the current work-from-home situation, communication within the organisation can become a huge challenge.

FileAgo can act as a single solution to bring together all members of the team, and enable them to collaborate on files, as well as perform real-time communication. FileAgo also gives complete control back to the organisation, which no longer has to spend on multiple solutions for such requirements.

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