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Importance of Interconnection

Importance of Interconnection Ecosystem Offered by Third-Party Data Centers

By 2021, 33% of enterprise workloads will run on-premises, 33% off-premises, and 33% in the public cloud. This is why organizations are now embracing the digital, all thanks to the dynamism and spontaneity of the current economic environment.

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Thinking Beyond Uptimes When Choosing A Data Center Provider

When it comes to selecting the right Data Center provider many organisations adopt a myopic view by only factoring in the uptimes assured by the provider.
More often than not, this constricted research leads to severe bottlenecks when it comes to scalability, sustainability, and security.
In this Whitepaper, we have elaborated on five important parameters, apart from uptimes, that need to be considered when choosing the right Data Center provider.

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