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Private Cloud Environment for Large Applications and Dbs

Private cloud earns you a full-fledged opportunity to control an individual network, while we take the entire responsibility of managing it. It delivers a plethora of highly advanced features; however, for its maintenance you need the ideal infrastructure and a team of technicians that can take better care of it. What makes private cloud different from public cloud is the level of security, control and performance it offers, making it a reliable choice for users who need exclusive computing area.

With our effective private cloud solutions, you can position your servers at a highly advanced data center, which is entirely determined in managing your property. Robust technology, more secured environments along with 24×7 Rapid Action Support Team who proactively administer your private cloud servers.

We span various private clouds that include:

  • Azure refers to ever expanding set of cloud services to help your organization to meet your business challenges.
  • A freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on global network.
  • Built on Windows server and system center technology.
  • It is fast in terms of deployment operation and scalability.
  • Reliable and optimized cloud solution between physical hardware and the operating system where multiple cloud servers are allowed to run on a physical server.
  • Flexible in adding more resources like memory, CPU, and storage according to clients demand.
  • Provides with virtualization and management software and make it easier for business to virtualize existing server hardware assets and move them to private.
  • A reliable and popular operating system which offers best performance, maximum security and reliability on the market with being cost effective.
  • Provides you with full control on your cloud with options to install many management software, tools or any other server applications on your cloud.
  • Being an open source OS you can customize, adapt and upgrade your server frequently and easily update existing software application for free.
  • OnApp Cloud accelerates web applications on virtual servers by compressing and optimizing the content and distributing it automatically.
  • It is very quick to deploy and configure and is an end to end solution with a full suite orchestration, provisioning and management.
  • Brings multiple clouds and multiple Virtualization types into one easy to manage environment.
  • Provides a single abstraction and management layer for distributed private cloud.
  • Provides consistent platform for app development that ensures integrity and security of your apps and data.
  • Provides access native cloud services for new development environment that can be integrated with modern tools.
  • Modernize your app, make the most of advanced networking storage and real time analytics for unique innovations.
  • Maintain the same reliability, security, management, and governance policies across your entire development ecosystem and allows you to use complete stack of tools consistent across developments and deployments.

Web Werks Private Cloud also offers you cloud solutions with choices of OS, applications, and scalability over your public cloud.

Key Features