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Private Cloud Servers

Private cloud earns you a full-fledged opportunity to control an individual network, while we take the entire responsibility of managing it. It delivers a plethora of highly advanced features; however, for its maintenance you need the ideal infrastructure and a team of technicians that can take better care of it. What makes private cloud different from public cloud is the level of security, control and performance it offers, making it a reliable choice for users who need exclusive computing area.

With our effective private cloud solutions, you can position your servers at a highly advanced data center, which is entirely determined in managing your property. Robust technology, more secured environments along with 24x7 Rapid Action Support Team who proactively administer your private cloud servers.

What do we offer with our Private Cloud Hosting?

  • Scalability and Availability
  • Optimum Security and better control
  • Managed Platform
  • Rapid Action Support – Get 24x7x365 assistance
  • Highly-skilled technicians

Besides, we span various private clouds that include:

  • Microsoft Azure private cloud
  • Microsoft Hyper-V cloud
  • Linux-based Private Cloud
Web Werks Private Cloud also offers you cloud solutions with choices of OS, applications and scalability over your public cloud. Private cloud also enables you to deploy more instances and conducting maintenance remotely with complete control. Small as well as large business can benefit from our incredible plans as our pricing schemes are outlined to suit every budget.
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