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India an under-served market with growth of cloud adoption: Web Werks

Web Werks stands out as a Data Center that services an array of customers such as cloud content carrier, enterprise, SME, startup, government, etc. Nikhil Rathi, CEO and founder of Web Werks India, tells us more. Excerpts:
Webwerks Data Center

Tackling India’s growing Data Consumption with Cloud data-centers

“India is an Under-served market. With the growth of cloud adoption, the Data Center consumption is booming. Global revenue forecast is estimated to increase by 35% in 2020. APAC will be largest beneficiary as the internet penetration continues to increase, especially in India. India is contributing an increasing global share of data generation with stats at 3.6% of global share in 2014, estimated to grow to 6% by 2020. DC operators are prioritizing India as underserved high growth market”, said Nikhil Rathi during a conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCitiesWorld. Excerpts below