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Load Balancing Services

With more organizations adopting the modern technology to run business, the demand for uninterrupted services has always been a priority. Availability is a major business challenge and to avoid revenue loss, companies need a channel that can keep them on and running constantly without any disruptions. High-availability is crucial to minimize the impacts of downtime, as it can directly affect business capital. Whether small or large business, even a minute of low performance can result in huge loss. When you run online campaigns, traffic is bound to increase and in such scenario, even a minor outage can cost your business huge. Therefore, organizations are opting solutions that power maximum server uptime to maintain their online presence.

It’s a process and technology that distributes site traffic among several servers using a network-based device. This device intercept traffic destined for a site and deflects that traffic to various servers. A business might decide to assign its workload across a platform for a number of reasons. Speed is a particularly important one, and often the main driver where sites with large traffic are concerned. But introducing a load balancer also makes a platform more stable through its inherent redundancy.

Our managed load balancing solution sends your traffic through a redundant network of load balancers, distributing your data load between all of your servers. And if one of your servers stop, the others take on its work – so your users will never find your website down or your services offline. Managed load balancing provides the ultimate availability.

As well as managing and maintaining your load balancing services, connectivity and hardware, Web Werks provide 24/7/365 support from our fully trained certified IT experts.

Why Web Werks Load-Balancing Solutions?

Our managed load balancing solutions distribute site traffic among multiple servers – automatically or on-demand – through a redundant network to lower latency and upkeep performance.  In case one of the server goes down, we have the second one all set to take the workload – so your users will never find your website down or your services offline.

Therefore, if your website generates more traffic and the load increases remarkably, then this option can be ideal for your purpose. Besides, our managed load-balancing solution provides better availability that further augments the performance of your website.
Our skilled technicians are available 24x7 to monitor your servers, so your servers are well managed under our supervision. Here, we ensure business continuity and protection against mission-critical application. With such service, you can prevent downtime and maintain a fast-performing and efficient website.


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  • Maximum Performance: While more hands are put to work by allocating single sever load to multiple other hardware, it is bound to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Increase Scalability: Allows new virtual and/or physical server to be added transparently, maximizing flexibility, and enabling server applications to scale without disruption.
  • Reliable: The solution is highly reliable with self-monitoring solutions that manages your application traffic and makes decision about where to route it. Route traffic based on closest servers to reduce latency.
Additional Features:
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Flexibility of managing access control
  • Traffic Management
  • Customize and automate load-balancing management
  • 24x7 Rapid Action Support
  • Built-in high-availability
  • 99.995% uptime guarantee