Branded Bare Metal Dedicated Hosting Servers

Dedicated Servers refers to no sharing of server space, bandwidth IPs or computing resources with any third-party organizations. Companies can now have full control and better performance compared to any other hosting platform.

Dedicated Hosting Servers support multi-platform softwares such as cPanel and Plesk control panels, applications and databases that let you configure and update. Our Redundant Network Infrastructure makes us the most stable and reliable data center services provider in India and in the United States.

Our Server Hosting are fully capable to run your business efficiently and deliver optimal performance including 24×7 Rapid Action Support to assist you round the clock anytime, anywhere.

When you choose dedicated server solutions, you have two options: either lease or buy a dedicated server and then manage it yourself, within your own environment, with your own set of expertise, or opt for fully managed solutions from Web Werks and let us manage it for you.

  • Host with leaders in delivery of Hosting Services.
  • Threat Alert Managements, DDoS Mitigation assistance and Guidelines.
  • Upgraded Network Infrastructure and State-of-the-art Data Centers.
  • Robust Security that include Security design & implementation, Data Security Management.
  • Dedicated Firewall Management, IDS and IPS Detections, Advanced Firewall Policy Control.
  • Threat Alert Managements, DDoS Mitigation assistance and Guidelines.
  • You can also choose a variety of Operating Systems such as Linux centOS, FedoraCore, Debian or Windows Server 2012 / 2016 as per your requirements.
  • While setting up, you can also let us know if you would like to install basic of complex softwares such as PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS SQL etc..
  • Deployed within stipulated time with Dedicated Account Manager for anytime assistance.

Robust Security

Security is our priority. We very well know how to deal with viruses, malware, obtrusive invaders and other such risks. Thus, we abide by strict security protocol and ensure to employ potential safety measures for data protection that include:

  • Security design & implementation.
  • Data Security Management.
  • Dedicated Firewall Management.
  • Intrusion detection and Intrusion Prevention system.
  • Virus and Malware Scanning and Filtering.
  • Installation of Advanced Policy Firewall.
  • SSL Cert Guidelines (Optional, Secured Socket Layer Services).
  • Threat Alert Management.
  • DDoS Mitigation (For more details, please contact our Support Team).

Choose Your Own OS

You have a liberty to choose from Windows and Linux. We offer CentOS, Fedora Core, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions such as BSD systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.

Other Operating System offering includes Microsoft windows server 2008 – 2012 edition. Along with that, we further extend our dedicated server offerings to:

  • O/S Design & Implementation.
  • Hardening & Performance Management.
  • Service Monitoring Tools.
  • High-Availability Server (Cluster) Management.
  • IAAS Setup Guidance.
  • Rapid Action Support.
  • No more worries about technical part. Our teams of experts are available 24×7 to help you..

Self-Managed Servers

  • Made for those who are well versed with technical knowledge in terms of server management.
  • We assist you with basic server configurations, server setup configurations, OS installations, control panel installations, Initial database installations, and Hardware monitoring and server maintenance.

Managed Servers

  • Offers a complete Management from infrastructure management to custom database management. Patches, Security Updates, Configurations, Compute management.
  • Upgrade policy such as service level upgrades and RA priority upgrades that manage all the configurations that need to be performed on your servers are included.
  • Risk management include firewall or Security Managements making your servers risk-free.
  • Security guidelines are deployed on your servers to ensure your website never face a downtime.

Unmanaged Servers

  • We provide you with alternate option of unmanaged services with the best minimum rates.
  • Basic server setup OS Installation (Linux or Windows). cPanel / Plesk Control Panel Installation (If, Required).Hardware, Network and Server Maintenance with 99.995% Guaranteed Uptime SLA.
  • We offer the most cost-effective dedicated hosting schemes. Choose the plan that fits your needs or get in touch with us, we’ll help you find the ideal plans for your business.

WW Infra Management

Patches, Security Updates, Configurations, Compute Management – We take the entire responsibility. From installation to maintenance, our dedicated support team ensures to meet your every requirement. To ensure your online presence and keep your applications, databases always up and running with robust Network, CPU, RAM, and disk I/O performance. Our upgrade policy includes service level upgrades and RA priority upgrades that manage all the configurations that need to be performed on your server..

Risk Management

We offer Dedicated Firewall Support that is dedicated Cisco ASA Firewall Management with additional security tweaks to ensure your business is safe from all external and potential threats. We keep your servers risk-free, so you don’t need to worry about your business continuity. We can also perform backups for you so you can recover all your data, in case a disaster strikes.

Our security guidelines are deployed on your servers to ensure you never face a downtime. A further support with Service Level Agreement is offered.

Control Panel

With control panel support to cPanel and Plesk, you can host multiple domains; Email accounts; create FTP accounts. Our web servers also extend support to MySQL, MS SQL databases along with migration assistance and optional managed services for Level three and Level four support..

Key Features

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