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Best Infra fit for Middle East

Web Werks, the pioneer in delivering Tier III and Tier IV Data Center Services, has established its infrastructure in Dubai to reach its customers situated in the region. We have been offering our IT solutions across India and the US and now, we’ve gained the opportunity to serve some local hubs in the Middle East.

We provide a good deal of Data Center Solutions and ensure to keep your business connected to highly efficient and reliable networks. Our web hosting offerings include VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting, thus giving you plenty of options to host your mission-critical data. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure equips everything you need to promote business growth and maintain the consistency.

We’ve served thousands of potential clients in India and the US and now, we’ll be catering our customers in Dubai.

Why choose Web Werks for Data Center Services?

Colocation Services

Experience our efficient Colocation Data Center that offers both single colocation and rack colocation services. House your server within our highly redundant Data Center backed with upgraded generator systems and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems in addition to HVAC technology and Precision Cooling Units. We provide the flexibility to customize colocation needs from 1U on up of usable space. Our facilities serve world-class companies from distinct verticals, along with Government bodies and NGOs.

Rapid Action Support

Our set of skilled expertise monitor your servers and provide technical assistance round-the-clock. With us, your mission-critical hardware and applications remain secure and available always.

Cross Connects

At Web Werks, our passive cross connects provides you direct connection to the carriers and other resources. Our cross connect facility promotes the opportunity to connect with new channels and enterprises and give a boost to your business.