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Disaster Recovery Services
for Business Continuity

Disasters are unpredictable; the occurrence can give your business the worst. Whether natural or man-made, it can cause serious data loss and you need an effective disaster recovery solution to well manage the situation. Why invest high on an in-house recovery plan when you can avail Web Werks Disaster Recovery on Demand at lower rates. Our service assures to protect your organization from the negative aftereffects and promote business continuity without overspending.

When it comes in protecting your data and applications, it’s not just about the backup. Being able to rapidly recover your key servers and an application to productions is just as important. Because every minute you’re down, you’re losing business. The fact is not too many companies don’t protect their data. Web Werks Data center disaster recovery as a service is designed to help companies to replicate critical servers and applications to the cloud, so that it can protect the applications and data, and get them back when needed them most.

DRaas makes it far more feasible and affordable for companies of all sizes to take advantages of replication and recovery to a secondary environment while gaining the benefits of a managed recovery process. Every minute you’re down, you’re losing business revenue. When the worst happens, we help you replicate all your mission-critical data and applications on our cloud servers. We have quicker Recovery Time Objective technologies that can get your business back on track immediately.

When putting together a Disaster Recovery plan, there are several crucial factors that will need to be considered so that the final DR is as effective as possible; these include:

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – The Recovery Time Objective, or RTO, is a measure of the users’ tolerance to down time. The RTO is the amount of time in which a business should be able to restore its systems to a point that will allow it to carry out the impacted operations, even if this is in a limited function.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – RPO is a measurement unit that defines the tolerance level of an enterprise in terms of data loss caused due to node failure. Greater the RPO, greater the tolerance level of business toward big data loss. The recovery strategy for data back up varies from enterprise to enterprise. Some have daily backup, some take a weekly back up while few also opt for monthly backups.

Prepared for Disaster:

Recover faster with Web-Werks

Web Werks has custom-backup Disaster Recovery Solutions specifically designed to maintain business continuity in the advent of disruptions. Every business is different and to meet each requirement, we offer a range of different software that will fit in seamlessly.
Immediate Backup

With our recovery services, you can switch to backup site post-disaster immediately and replicate all the data on your server.

Quick recovery

We have configured an extensive recovery plan that functions to turn the serious environment back to normal in considerably less time.


There is no need to upkeep a high budget as we offer the most economical plans for you. We offer you pay-per-use plan, so you can spend only for what you use. Besides, if you use our on-demand infrastructure basis, you pay only when the disaster actually occur.
Here are some statistics that will make you rethink on not using a DR plan:
  • Around 25% of organizations are unable to pull their business back on track after a major catastrophe.
  • According to Carbonite, 70% of businesses experience data loss due to accidental deletion of data, system failure, technical error, malware, fire or such other issue.
  • In the event of data loss, employees attempt to recover the lost files by applying their own strategies such as using recovery software, unplugging computer, restarting, and such steps can aggravate the condition and cause permanent data loss.
  • Nearly 40% of organizations have a poorly managed DR plan.
  • Most organizations do not apply for DR plan because they can’t afford it.
If expense is a barrier, we eliminate it by offering the most cost-effective solution. We provide a well-managed DR plan that effectively works to upkeep stability in the event of disaster.
Additional Benefits
  • We provide a menu of replications options
  • Pre-build the entire virtual recovery environment
  • Expert’s support recovery
  • Our DRaas data centers are SSAE 16-compliance, PCI, SOX and HIPAA Compliant
The aim of our business continuity plans is to exclude all single point of failures and ensure you are up and running 24x7x365. At Web Werks, we understand the significance of business continuity and thus, to maintain a continuous workflow, we turn on our services for better assistance. With our comprehensive recovery solution, your business will never come to halt.
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How do we do it ?

  • We provide a menu of replications options
  • Pre-build the entire virtual recovery environment
  • Expert’s support recovery
  • Our DRaas data centers are SSAE 16-complaints, PCI, SOX and HIPAA Compliant


  • Office space with 100% Power Back up
  • Central Air Conditioning space with workstations
  • Basic office productivity software
  • LAN with internet Connectivity