Web Werks Cloud Hosting Solution For UPSRTC | Webwerks
About The Company

The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is a public sector passenger road transport corporation which services Uttar Pradesh, India, and adjoining states of North India. It operates as a state and interstate bus service and has the largest fleet of buses in North India.

The Business Challenges

The UPSRTC was looking for a standardized and unified IT environment for hosting their primary and Disaster Recovery set-up in a data center with-in India.

Disaster recovery and High availability were two main components for the business continuity plan, which would allow the organization’s system and operations to keep functioning at the time of unplanned events.

Primary Site (DC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Site had to be provisioned in a different geographical location (different seismic zones) with easy-to-implement disaster recovery orchestration and automated compliance reporting from a single extensible platform and intuitive user interface.

Fast (real time) replication of VMs, applications, and storage snapshots was required with the ability to customize RPOs to the mission criticality of company’s workloads.

Data backup procedures had to be scheduled and managed as per company’s data back-up policy.

The Solution

After analyzing the complete requirement Web Werks team of solution engineers understood that in order to provide interrupted business continuity and the scale to handle the large volume of traffic request along with data security and isolation it was necessary to propose a cloud platform to ensure that the entire operations of its primary hosted site can automatically fail over to a geographically diverse location with-in India. Considering the above inputs and conditions and after analyzing the entire requirement and with the consideration of future scalability we proposed that the setup should be deployed on Web Werks Government Community Cloud.

The Proposed solution offered the greater level of controls and security of a Single-Tenant Dedicated Environment with the flexibility of a Public Cloud Platform and advanced features like Agility, Scalability & Performance.

Web Werks upgraded UPSRTC cloud infrastructure in a limited time.

Server was segregated by VLAN i.e. logical separation and isolation of the network. This prevents any breach or leakage of information.

Firewall/ UTM was integrated into Web Werks network which will prevent any incoming threats to the hosts firewall and reduce risks to hosts on the subnet by filtering inherently insecure services. As a result, the subnet network environment is exposed to fewer risks, since only selected protocols will be able to pass through the firewall.

Backup of the production site is taken as per mutually decided schedule and DR site backup will be taken only if the DR site is live.

Managed Services and 24 x 7 x 365 support is offered for hardware and operating systems along with 24 x 7 monitoring tools for Network connectivity, Servers and Networking devices monitoring.

The Conclusion

Virtualization and Cloud have completely changed the way UPSRTC drives recovery from a disaster. By focusing on the three core elements— redundancy, high availability and replication of stored assets, the company is able to keep the business running, and are also more agile and responsive to the constant flux of business conditions, with lower TCO. There was upto 70% cost reduction against traditional DC-DR.