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Web Server Security and Why it is Important Today?


Data security has become one of the prime questions since the outburst of the internet. Whether it is private or business data, people want to keep their sensitive information from being snatched. But how do you protect your sensitive data in a world where cybercrime is a constant threat? For Small, as well as large scale businesses utmost website security is of prime concern. Businesses know well that lack of security can hamper their profitability and might also result in identity theft. To address these issues Cloud server providers are focusing on increasing security for their users. Also, for customers, it is necessary to know the aspects of security they should know before they ask their providers.

Why is Cybersecurity such a big issue?

Businesses that primarily generate revenue through their websites are at risk. As technology progresses so do the abusers. Cybercrime is of major concern as the internet continues to advance. Criminals will exploit any vulnerability in the system their advantage. The increased popularity of online shopping has resulted in transactions of billions of rupees taking place on a daily basis. Even the smallest loophole in the system attracts cybercriminals like ants attracted to sugar. A hack into any of these systems can lead to a huge loss for a business. Here is a list of parameters that users should consider when searching for a cloud hosting service India:

  • SFTP: SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol is the advanced version of the file transfer protocol. The protocol facilitates the transfer of data over a secure shell data stream. If the SFTP is applied to a server it means that the client user has to be authenticated by the server and data transfer only takes place over a secure channel.
  • Secure Sockets Layer: Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a standard security technology developed to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This certificate means that all the data passed between the web servers and browsers remain private. SSL certificate is now a standard procedure for all websites.
  • Server Maintenance: Businesses should consider that regular maintenance of servers is carried out to minimize any possible attack.
  • Back up: Always make sure that the cloud server providers have tools to back up your data.
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