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Understanding Hybrid Cloud Hosting


Hybrid, the word refers to the blend of two or more things. Here it's about the combination of two or more cloud technologies, that ultimately result into futuristic Hybrid cloud hosting. It's a hybrid cloud when the user stores its mission-critical data in a private cloud while its applications use SAS(software-as-service) cloud offered on public cloud.

In Public cloud environment, the resources are shared whereas in Private cloud environment, it's a privately owned network, operated for a specific organization. And when both is combined, it becomes hybrid cloud environment. In simple words, it means that hybrid cloud technology uses internal private resources as well as those provided on public network. This is why it becomes the most efficient Cloud computing option.

Hybrid cloud leverages the benefits of public, private and other community cloud technologies to create a unique and more valuable computing environment with enhanced features.

Benefits of Hybrid cloud are discussed below

  • Cost-efficient: The amazing blend of cloud technologies makes hybrid cloud suitable for all kinds of enterprises- small, medium or large. The economies of scale feature of public cloud offers higher cost-efficiency, integrated with the freedom and controls of private cloud.
  • Secured and reliable: The features of private cloud in hybrid cloud hosting makes this a secured computing option. The users can rely on this for keeping their critical and sensitive data secured and integrated.
  • Scalable: Public cloud has limited scalability but when it combines with private cloud scalability is not an issue.
  • Redundant: Hybrid cloud also offers higher levels of redundancy as it uses multiple computing partners, so it has greater uptime and availability. Also, it prevents the impact of any technical failure or disaster on data.
  • Isolation: Usually, a distributed hosting has IT resources, shared by multiple users on the same platform/application but Hybrid cloud technology manages user isolation by developing specific application slots for different users, hence offering controlled access and processing speed.
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