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The Top 10 colocation hosting Myths

Submitted by admin on Mon, 02/17/2020 - 20:31
The Top 10 colocation hosting Myths

Today several hosting products and services providers are coming up claiming quality services. Many are using misleading content and information just for the sake of promotions. This also has resulted into several misconceptions and myths.

Myths Vs. Facts

1. Myth: Colocation is equivalent to web hosting. Fact- Not at all. Let's put this straight and simple- web hosting means your website is hosted on a server which is shared. The server resources, bandwidth and network are shared due to which there are chances of traffic swarms. But when you opt for colocation services, the service provider will colocate your own server at its data center facility in a highly secured environment. 2. Myth- Colocation is expensive. Fact- Colocation may cost you more than web hosting, but it's far way affordable and inexpensive option if you are thinking of building an in-house data center because that will require huge capital investment considering the infrastructure costs, machine costs, staffing, the expense list is very long. While in colocation hosting, you just need to pay a small monthly fee for locating your server at their facility. A good colocation provider has professional experts, 3. Myth- Colocation is less reliable. Fact- Instead, Colocation is highly reliable because of redundant network and power supplies. In fact, a good provider will offer you with 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee, a highly secured infrastructure and advanced disaster recovery equipment. 4. Myth- Support services aren't good. Fact- Quality of colocation services providers can be determined by their support services. In fact, all colocation providers offer support to users, however, you should choose the one which provides 24x7x365 rapid action support for technical maintenance. 5. Myth- Security is a serious concern with colocation. Fact- Colocation is in fact much more secured than in-house hosting or any other hosting because data centers have multiple layers of security, whether it's physical security or network security. 6. Myth- Scalability is an issue. Fact- Scalability is never an issue with colocation services as it can be easily scaled up with the increasing needs of the enterprises. The colocation hosting provider offers you with options to scale up from rack to cabin, to cages to even a whole room for your servers, depending upon how much space would suffice the increased needs of the user. 7. Myth- You don't get expected returns. Fact- Colocation hosting only needs a monthly fees which is accounted on the basis of unit of space being used by the server. This fees is all inclusive of security, support and scalability features that are offered by the web hosting provider. So, client gets excellent ROI with colocation. 8. Myth- Lesser control and flexibility- Fact- Colocation offers great deal of control and flexibility because you own the server, so you have the full control over the server resources. As far as flexibility is concerned, if the user have in-house IT professionals, then they have choice of OS, software and applications, because it will be managed by them. However, in managed-hosting environment where the provider will manage the colocation, there might be chances that you will need to go for the available software, server speed that is offered by the provider. Still, many offer you with choice even in managed colocation hosting. 9. Myth- Colocation is quite inconvenient. Fact- Colocation is very convenient as it offers freedom of choice and full control. Also, managing and operating the equipment and software remotely is very much possible with support services that come along with the colocation services. User can conveniently control the maintenance and operations remotely, no matter wherever the server is colocated. 10. Myth: Uptime is not assured. Fact: Uptime always depends upon the data center providers and their uptime SLA guarantee. So choose your colocation provider wisely.