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Not All Data Centers Are Created Equal: The Market Disparities


We have witnessed the changing landscape of data center industry. As the business verticals expanded, their needs also inflated and soon needed a source that could meet the ever-growing demands. It’s not possible to reside all the data on a single in-house hardware, which compelled organizations to outsource their storage, connectivity, availability and security requirements.

While the priority has always been colocation services, but then the question is which data center provider can be the best suit for your business. There are a host of companies accessible, and ready to serve you with affordable and efficient physical infrastructure services.

But as we are discussing not every data center is created equal, there are few market disparities that make things different. Some data centers are well equipped for delivering quality-oriented services and housing big data over the long run, while others are not just the perfect fit.

Examining the various data centers

The three most common data centers are in-house, closet and enterprise data centers. Although all of them tend to server the same purpose, their capabilities differ. The closet data center is a small server room suitable for small business that houses few servers with low-cost investment. However, it lacks the few necessary features such as security that would otherwise be available in a larger data center.

In-house data center are designed to meet the immediate needs of the organization. As the company grows the room will flourish, too and it will demand for new hardware and software investment. Enterprise data centers offer everything your server needs to remain operational, from availability to potential security. It hosts your server in a highly secured environment with experts always ready to assist you.

So now you can determine which data center could suit ideally for your business – now and in the future, as well.

Scenario of Data Center Market in India

We mentioned in one of our pieces that by 2016, the market is likely to reach $2 Billion, which is a 2.5% increase in the result from 2015, as predicted by Gartner. However, not every region is strategic as compared to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai due to the availability of strong client base. These key business areas have continued to maintain its position at the top and the count of data centers in this region is expected to grow.

The idea here is to help you recognize the current data center market in India. Colocation data center industry is thriving rapidly and there’s a lot more to come in.

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