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 The Most Popular Web Werks Data Center Posts of 2015

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 The Most Popular Web Werks Data Center Posts of 2015

I want to buy a VPS, what should I look for in a web hosting provider? Are you looking for VPS hosting services? This blog from Web Werks will help you in choosing the best web hosting provider. Take a quick glance on the factors that you should look into a VPS hosting providers:

  • A Reliable VPS host that offers 99.995% server uptime SLA guarantee.
  • More than a decade-long Industry Experience with a team of adept professionals.
  • VPS providers with Own Data Centers with global presence.
  • Latest Security Tools and compliance to all industry standard security protocols
  • Choose only the VPS hosting services with Customization Options to match your specific web needs’
  • Cost Efficiency can be attained when the cost per utility is high as well as there is some additional value.
  • Last but not the least a Rapid Action Support team available 24x7 for tech assistance.

Read more here Tips for selecting the foremost undersized Business data center A survey report by Gartner states that 42% of SMEs with strength lesser than 1000 employees are also availing the services of data centers. What are the factors driving Small businesses towards data center services?

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Robust Security
  • Professional Support Team
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Industry standard SLA guarantee
  • High server uptime
  • Better scalability

Read More here How Shared Web Hosting Affects Search Engine Rankings? Your business website should always be up and available so that you don’t lose any of your prospect. A flawless and speedy website also adds value to your brand image. Above all it also affect your SEO rankings. Shared web hosting affects your SEO rankings because:

  • The IP address is shared by multiple users which is not an appreciable factor by Search Engines.
  • Page load speed suffers because numerous users share the same hosting resources.

Tips to optimize website speed:

  • Choose the right web host
  • Avail website monitoring services by data centers

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