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How to protect ourselves from DDoS Attacks ?


Earlier, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks were limited to the banks and some major large enterprises. But now anyone on public internet is exposed to its threats. The DDoS attacks have gradually become very frequent. In fact, it's the prime threat concern for businesses today.

How DDoS attacks harm the websites?

DDoS attacks infiltrate the servers through fake and malicious software requests, game applications, media file downloads which make entry to the systems due to security loopholes. Hackers control them from some remote location. Slowly the CPU resources and server resources start crumbling and soon causing a sluggish network which ultimately crash down completely.

Enterprises should guard their network and traffic with right security measures prevent any DDoS attack

Identify the security loopholes: You should regularly assess for website security vulnerabilities and update it accordingly to fight back any threat. Immediately fix if there is any Firewall issue, any glitches in SQL server or the load balancer because these are few weak points from where a DDoS attempt may possibly intervene the network.

Plan Security in advance: Never sit idle under an impression that you are not big enough to be attacked or why would anyone launch a DDoS attack on your website! So don't wait for hackers to attack you, to start safety preparations. Instead plan the security strategies in advance to prevent DDoS attack. Manage the security settings with additional protection tools to block and repel such attempts on your website.

DDoS mitigation tools: There are several providers for DDoS Mitigation tools and solutions which will defend against DDoS attempts on the SQL servers, scripts and other such web applications, diminishing the impact of the attack.

Monitor Network traffic: Another important measure against DDoS attack is to maintain a constant monitoring on the network traffic

Web hosting provider Support: Last but definitely not the least, You may also contact your web hosting provider or the ISP to assist you with the security solutions for your website guarding your business against any DDoS attack. In fact, your web hosting provider will be the best option as they have the best engineers and professional expertise.

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