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cPanel - VPS or Plesk as a control panel on a vps or a dedicated server

Submitted by admin on Mon, 02/17/2020 - 20:31
cPanel - VPS or Plesk as a control panel on a vps or a dedicated server

Once you have decided for your web hosting server, either VPS or Dedicated server, you now need to choose the right control panel solutions. The control panel for your server lets you gain control over applications, automation, settings, permissions and authorizations. cPanel and Plesk are the most popular control panels available for VPS and Dedicated server. They have similar functionality and at the same time considerable differences too.

Many a times, you would see technical advisers recommending one over another. However, let's understand cPanel and Plesk through their similarities and differences.

Similarities of cPanel and Plesk:

  • Database management

  • Email accounts configuration

  • Server Logs

  • File management

  • Account Maintenance for users

  • Web log analysis for traffic insights

  • Resource analysis for bandwidth, used space and available space

Below are the important differences between the both - cPanel vs. Plesk solutions:

  cPanel Plesk
OS Support cPanel only supports Linux. It is basically the Linux based hosting control panel. Plesk control panel supports both Windows and Linux servers
Interface It comes with a user-friendly interface. It uses Graphical User interface (GUI) Plesk too has an easy-to-use predictive interface but it takes time to get used to it as it's not as familiar as of cPanel
Reseller Support It is ideal for Tier III structure, its features are more suitable for the needs of administrators, resellers and enterprise web managers. It offers subscription facility for resellers, customers and individuals.
Reliability It is the most common and reliable control panel  It facilitates the provisions of unlimited domains and accounts
Speed cPanel works very fast Loading takes some time with Plesk 
Cost It costs $425 a year, i.e. $35 per month The standard Plesk plan costs $70 per month, however it also has a small plan with $40 per month allowing 100 domains.

Both the control panel solutions have their pros and cons. So whether to choose vps hosting with cPanel or Plesk, Linux Server hosting or Windows VPS, cPanel dedicated server or Windows dedicated server, all depends upon the business requirements. The control panel that you choose should align with the business applications, Operating System and other such preferences.