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Cloud at your desktop or mobile devices


Cloud can easily be synced on any of your mobile device, be it your smartphone, tablet, iPad, desktop or laptop. Cloud makes it extremely convenient to access data for users anytime anywhere.

Cloud on Mobile Devices

Cloud at your desktop

Once you have chosen the cloud services, you can carry your data anywhere with you on your desktop or laptop. You just simply need to download the cloud service application on your computer.

Once downloaded, it will automatically save the short cut icon on the taskbar, while the folders will be saved in the favorite location by default.

Cloud at your Mobile devices

Setting up cloud on your mobile device is not much different from desktop synchronization. You need to make sure that your smartphone is compatible with the cloud service that you have chosen. In order to access cloud on your mobile phone, all you need to do is to:

  1. First, download its mobile application on the phone
  2. Secondly install it on the device
  3. On completion of installation, open/run the application and get started
  4. Upload data to your personal cloud platform
  5. Enable the cloud platform drive for remote accessibility

The installation procedure is same across all the OS-be it android, iOS or a Windows-based device.

Advantages of getting cloud at your desktop or mobile devices:

  • Portability: With smart mobile gadgets, your data are available on your phone/laptop simply by syncing the cloud on the device.
  • Remote accessibility: You can access your data anytime from anywhere. You just need to have a good internet connection.
  • Quick edit: You can easily download the data and make edits in the docs while you are on the fly.
  • Highly secured: Even if your device is lost/damaged/broken your data is safe and secured on the cloud. You will be able to retrieve the data from cloud.

With multiple mobile/desktop management applications available free of cost (some are paid too) it becomes all the more easy to share, preview, edit, upload and download the data while you are moving, traveling or at home- simply by using your smart mobile devices.

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