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BYOD & mobile device management on Cloud


BYOD is an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device”. This is a concept where the employees are supposed to bring their own devices like laptop, Macbook, iPad, tablet, smartphone and use it for performing their professional jobs. There are software and applications installed on these devices by the enterprises for better work flow, smooth communication, secured data sharing and better employee productivity.

The enterprises allowing BYOD also have to ensure that their corporate network, software and applications are not used for personal purposes. To ensure this, the companies need to adopt few security control measures for BYOD and mobile device management on Cloud.

Measures for BYOD & mobile device management on Cloud

Official legal measures: The enterprises with BYOD policy should always prepare their legal regulations and clauses in order to restrict utilization of the enterprise resources on their devices, i.e. an statement that clearly state that the company resources are meant only for the business use and not to be used for personal purposes.

A proper guidelines on company policies related to BYOD should be discussed with the employees right at time of their joining with a duly signed agreement.

Security becomes a prior concern with BYOD because the device stores sensitive data which enterprise can't afford to lose. So it is extremely important to take up necessary security measures in advance. Keep all the devices controlled under the security protocol of the enterprise. Isolate personal and enterprise data on devices by using encryption, VPN, passwords etc. With mobile device management services on cloud you can also manage, monitor and control mobile devices remotely.

Enterprises using BYOD concept should also have concrete exit policies and relevant legal clauses too, so as to protect the confidentiality of business data and contacts. It is a common tendency that a sales employee will move all the contacts to his mobile phone or other BYOD devices before leaving the organization which may result into a big loss to the company. So, it is utmost important to discuss exit policy with employees while they join the company, especially in sales and IT department.

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