The big question - how safe is my data in a data center asked by many Indians | Webwerks

The big question - how safe is my data in a data center asked by many Indians


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India has recently seen IT boom and also accounts for the world's best engineering experts. All big names in the tech industry have their presence in India. India is becoming one of the favorite choices for web hosting by several corporate from all over the world. The nation is coming up with highly advanced and competitive data centers, in contrast with the old and obsolete data centers of the west.

Data centers in India are highly safe and secured because a quality data center service providers like Web Werks have multi-layered security protocol with world class mechanisms and well-trained security staff. Not only this, data center in India have disaster recovery policy and mechanisms of global standards to prevent from the impact of any uncalled disaster or mishap.

Indian Data center safety and security features
  • Biometric access: No one can access the data center until and unless he has a valid biometric record with the authority.
  • Coded access: Apart from secured biometric login at the entrance, access to the data center departments and devices is also coded and can be accessed only by an authorized person.
  • Scanning: Before entering the facility, every individual have to pass through an automatic scanning machine. It will alarm the security personnel if any threat probability is there and actions can be taken then and there.
  • Restricted unauthorized access: The data centers have strict access policy and no unauthorized entry is allowed. Any outsider is allowed in the facilityonly with authorized permissions.
  • Trained security personnel: The security staffs in the data center are trained for various aspects of data center safety practices and measures.
  • CCTV surveillance: A 24x7x365 CCTV surveillance runs constantly at data center facilities to monitor all the activities in the facility.
Data centers in India

India is the one of the fastest emerging data center market. With latest infrastructure and best build and design, data centers in India are the best, when it comes to safe and secured data center services and overall IT management solutions.

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