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Work Area Recovery Services
for Business Continuity

At a certain point, we can say that disasters are inevitable, but a strategic disaster recovery plan is all what you need to shield your organization from the severe aftermath. But what about personnel? If your entire business operations come to a halt, it can potentially influences your business revenue. In the event of disaster, IT managers must have a dynamic plan ready to get their employees back to work in order to maintain business stability and avoid capital loss.

Work area recovery is an advanced level of disaster recovery that promotes normal workspace even during an unexpected downtime. The primary concern of work area recovery center is to regain the momentum by providing physical space, access models and the ideal environment to continue business operations and recover normalcy.

Web Werks, Your Ultimate Work Area Recovery Partner

Web Werks acts as an immediate mentor to guiding business verticals in determining the solutions and alternatives that will assist in tolerating greater risks. Before you implement the concept, we will help you examine the keys areas such as business impact analysis, recovery time objectives,  reliable site for business continuity and so on to let you understand what needs to be done and when. Our solutions are easier to manage, available at affordable rates and fashioned to fit specific business requirements.

From SMB to large entities, our solutions are designed to suit every stream that will help you handle the situation smartly and upkeep the life of your organization. In addition, we also offer measures to protect against minor incidents such as equipment failure, short downtime or minor service interruptions. Whether regular technical issues or after disaster recovery, whatever solutions you are seeking for, you’ll find it right under our roof.

What’s In For You?
DR on Demand

  • Responding quickly with continuity plans for companies with generic applications, free of charge
  • Applying effective cloud and virtualization technology to help you save high
  • Customize your DR plans and pay only for the resources you use with pay-as-you-go model
DR Consulting Services
  • Analyze your business recovery strategies and provide you with a high-level program assessment
  • Study your available resources and design a business continuity plan to meet your IT requirements
  • Build a mission-critical recovery plan to protect your mission-critical IT infrastructure and data.
  • Assisting you in validating the overall designed plans and procedures to ensure our strategies fit in ideally
Total DR
  • Providing proactive recovery solutions, maintaining business continuity, delivering high-availability and connectivity in the event of disaster.
  • Offering DR on demand without impacting Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective.

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Benefits You Earn
  • Upto 50% reduction in Disaster Recovery cost
  • Fastest recovery
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Cost-effective hardware infrastructure