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Web Werks installs Google Cache Servers to improve Internet Experience for Indian Customers

Web Werks, Tier III and Tier IV data center service provider in India, have installed Google Cache Servers aimed at improving Internet experience for its Indian audience.

“Web Werks is one of the selected IT organizations that Google has selected to setup Google Cache Servers in India and we take immense pride in it. As we have collaborated with the market giant, we anticipate to delivering additional technical solutions for our local customers. We seek to make content readily accessible for usage purpose to our vast Internet user base,” said the CEO.

While inefficient Internet services have troubled millions of users, Google and Web Werks in sync will erase the constraints of network, enabling the Internet giant to lower latency issue and provide content faster than usual, which is being pushed through data explosion.

India is the 2nd largest Internet consumer in the world after China, and the wide access to broadband and rich, multimedia content persist to demand more from the networking sources.  This is further building financial pressure on Internet Service Providers, associated with upgrading and configuration cost.  Google Global Cache servers are installed within the environments of regional ISPs that functions to respond to the inbound content requests right from the convenience of proponent’s network infrastructure.

The technique eases content delivery procedure by responding to the customers quickly, which additionally cut-down cost and enrich end-user experience accessing Google services.