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Protect Your Dedicated Server with these Steps

Nothing is safe today. The content which is present online is highly prone to cyber-attacks. You may think, I own a small company, why would anybody attack me? But, please don’t hold that misconception. No matter, how big or small your business is, it can be targeted. Yes, having a dedicated servers is definitely better in terms of security compared to other types of web hosting available in the market. But, you should still take some precautions to make your dedicated server more secure. In this blog, we will discuss such steps, which will add security to your dedicated server and will make your business run 24×7 in a safe environment.

First and foremost, staying updated is crucial. Make it a habit of regularly checking for security updates and patches. Set a reminder to check at least once in a week. Please don’t rely on the software to notify you regarding an update. Remember, the chances of being a victim of an attack reduces with an update because update fixes the gap, which cybercriminals look for.

There is a reason why web hosting providers keep on emphasizing on the word ‘Trusted Network’. Unreliable network leads to security gap. I would suggest, before signing in your hosting account and putting your credentials blindly, please assure that you are using a trusted network. How can this be achieved? It can be simply done by avoiding logging into your hosting account when you are on a free Wi-Fi network or any other unsecured network. Moreover, kindly make sure that if any other individual has access to the account credentials, then he/she should also obey this protocol.

The frequency of DDoS attacks has definitely inclined in the past. These attacks disturb normal business operations by bringing-down the website and application performance and availability. Sometimes, these may even knock them offline, completely. To protect yourself against this, it is better to have a DDoS protection. DDoS protection adds a layer of protection which will filter down the traffic, ensuring only legitimate visitors are permitted.

Even after taking all the safety precautions it is always suggested to have a backup of your data. Kindly set-up regular data backups. Make sure you keep a copy of important data somewhere so that your business can retrieve faster after the attack. I would recommend you to back up your data at least once in 15 days and perhaps more. So that if something happens to your website, you would be able to restore it, to its previous state with a backup data which was last saved by you.

You may think managing all these security tasks are quite time-consuming. And if your most of time is being consumed in managing them, then when you will focus on achieving your business objective. In that case, I would recommend you to have a managed services. With a managed service, you will have own dedicated administrator to look at all the crucial aspect of security. Right from installing updates to taking data backups regularly. Trust me, a managed service provider saves a lot of time and hassle.

Hope the blog was helpful. Let us know your thoughts about the cyber-attacks and safety precautions you take against it.