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Cost Effective Plesk WordPress VPS Hosting Services

Plesk, running on more than 300,000 servers, the leading WebOps platform, and the only OS-agnostic platform has helped automate 10M+ websites and 15M mailboxes. With a simple configuration in Plesk, web hosting providers are able to manage thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine, effortlessly. Plesk comes in 32 languages across 140 countries and several prominent organizations are partnering with Plesk currently.

Plesk provides an inclusive package of features crucial for webmasters to well handle your websites. Plesk enables webmasters to easily carry out all types of routine web management tasks such as creating FTP accounts, mailbox setup, manage files on a domain, etc. This has abridged the elongated process and made it simpler and easier to accomplish and it continues to enhance cloud-based services.

Key Features