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Plesk 12 for WordPress

The Best WordPress Hosting for Web Professionals

Over 75 millions websites are hosted on WordPress, making it the most broadly installed application across the globe. If you are looking to manage multiple WordPress instances effectively, adding Plesk can do the part. The latest features in the integrated WordPress toolkit includes one-click hardening, mass-management of themes and plugin, security scanning and self-repair functionality.

Multiple Web Management Tools to Suit Your Business

Plesk Web Pro Edition

This pro edition is specifically designed for web professionals who design, develop and deploy their websites as well as digital agencies that are managing and hosting customer sites. In addition, you can also use it for mass-management and security for WordPress hosting, providing protection against WordPress automated attacks. It also enables management of server, account and WordPress from any mobile device.

Plesk Web Host Edition

This web host edition enables you to use your shared account in absolutely any configuration that you require. Customers demand secure WordPress and domain management tools to better support their multi-tenant, “install anything” customers. Plesk Web Host Edition is designed for services providers that are dealing with hosting and reselling unmanaged shared accounts. The WordPress hosting comes with integrated support and security tools and provides protection from malicious attacks.

WordPress One-Click Hardening

Add more security layers to your system. With the security scanner interface, you can improve the security of all your WordPress deployments. This feature eliminates end-user account login or any manual work. With just one click, you'll be able to secure all the items you want.

WordPress themes and plugin mass-management

Plesk WordPress Toolkit enables you to do modification to all installations with just one click or manage all the WordPress installations individually. No need for individual login to add, remove or update plugins and themes.

WordPress Security Scanning

You don't have to secure your website from online attacks because this Plesk WordPress Toolkit lets you scan all of your websites hosted on WordPress, analyzes risks and provides solutions to fix them.

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