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Simply leave the migrations to us!

Web Werks Data Center Migration Service helps enterprises and service providers improve business agility, end-user experience, and total cost of ownership with minimal risk, complexity, and resource consumption.

The flexibility of our data migration tools and our expertise in migration, data migration, data replications and business continuity allow us to optimize service delivery and accommodate a variety requirement. The service will help you benefits from the simpler IT infrastructure, reduced management complexity and lower totals cost ownership.

More effectively manage the migration of new devices, solutions, and applications by gaining continuous insight into the overall state of your network with WEB WERKS service capabilities. These capabilities provide visibility into your infrastructure by automating the analysis of diagnostic network data and relating it to WEB WERKs deep knowledge base. You get the benefit of our 18 years of industry experience.

  • Plan and schedule fast server migration execution.
  • Our migration solutions help you to complete data center transformation and migration projects quickly and efficiently with automatic, unattended high-speed Physical-to-Virtual (P2V), Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V), or anywhere-to-anywhere server migrations—even to the cloud.
  • Servers can be moved to the new servers over the network, unattended, while the original servers are still running.
  • We provide flexible Email Migration options to help meet your technical and budget requirements.
  • We manage email migrations from standard IMAP/ POP mail or can plan and manage a cut over or staged migrations from your existing mail servers.
  • Email Migrations can be a complicated, confusing and time consuming task which can result in outages and lost data if not managed correctly.
  • We have expertise in all types of email solutions. We reduce the risk of migrations by procuring our assistance.
  • Database Migration service eases the process of migrating data between systems and different databases
  • Data migration helps you prioritize network infrastructure and keeping regular up gradation whenever technology updates arrive. It will help you understand the current status of infrastructure and accordingly you can assess your business network and technical needs in near and coming future.
  • We mitigate the risk by maintaining the functionality of database during the migration.
  • Your source database operates optimally when you migrate your critical information. Whenever technology updates arrive, you can quickly respond to it with our services and we will ensure that the data is executed to the target.
  • Our service is easy-to-use and the pay-as-you-go model makes it extremely affordable eliminating additional expenses and lets you spend only on the computer resources used during the process.
  • Hybrid migration process enables On-premises mailboxes migration to On-site or an approach to ensure Exchange to Office 365 migration and vice-versa.
  • Individual can easily transfer the already existing mailboxes between Exchange Server and Exchange Online. In this process, an individual does not need to create a new mailbox and import information.
  • Email migration in a hybrid environment gives you a much better end user experience, as when you are migrating there will be no effect or downtime from an end user perspective.
  • We will help you in moving your files, databases and email backups from your old backup hosting account to your new Online Backup / Cloud Storage account.
  • Moving backups is an unpleasant affair In any case, don’t let that prevent you from improving on the online backup hosting solution. Our experts easily can deal with the procedures for within no time.
  • With our Backup Migration Service, you don’t have to stress over your backups, planning an opportunity to move with your team, or any other unpleasant obligation that accompanies with migration.