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The world's AI users are operationalising the technology to speed up their business activities at data centers, which are also the heart of connectivity. One AI enabler is Web Werks | Iron Mountain Data Centers, which hosts several "flavours" of AI processes and provides a direct on-ramp to secure AI-compute capabilities in all major public clouds.

Generative AI models need dedicated hardware and software since they are extremely powerful and resource-intensive. In order to keep up with AI applications, you usually need equipment with a lot greater power density, sophisticated capabilities, and backup resources.

Web Werks | Iron Mountain Data Centers has a wealth of knowledge enabling generative AI applications as well as more conventional Machine Learning (ML) applications in the data center through the use of HPC architectures.

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Top 3 Reasons to Adopt an AI Strategy

$1.8 Trillion

The global AI market growth is expected to
reach $1.81 trillion by 2030.

9 IN 10

Organizations back AI to give them a
competitive edge over rivals.

19 in every 20

Customer interactions will be AI-assisted by

What Web Werks | Iron Mountain Data Centers Can Do For You

Power Density

Ultra-high-density power

Low Latency

Low latency connectivity to inference points, particularly for real-time and immersive AI

Backup Power

Robust backup power for 24/7 operation with a range of low-carbon fuel sources

Infrastructure Efficiency

Optimized facility PUE and latest GPUs to minimize costs and waste

Modular Design

Elastic architecture for additional complexity, new datasets and exponential growth 

Strong Security

Certified protocols to safeguard generative models and proprietary data, combined with a global compliance program 

Advanced Cooling

Advanced cooling for heat-intensive rendering and extended hardware lifespan 

Route to Decarbonization

Renewable Power Data Centers, with a defined path to 24/7 Carbon Free Energy operations.

Rich Connectivity

High-bandwidth network ports for data upload during training phase 


Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) for optimized compute performance and recycling/remarketing/resale of precious servers, CPUs and GPUs 

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