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Geographical Website Traffic Optimizations

Global Traffic Director allows the administrator to monitor and optimize traffic flow between multiple servers based on the geographical location of the end user. The modern world demands faster and reliable web access and if your website delivers what the users demand, you are likely to do better in the competitive market. Global Traffic Director helps by ensuring you remain responsive to a user query and deliver relevant content.

The Global Traffic Director services are used to locate the querying client on the world map and let the administrator channelize it to the closest possible regional server. It also helps in identifying the multiple server locations to route towards the right region servers. For instance, if a search query comes from Asia, The Global Traffic Director will direct the client to Asian cloud, using AnyCast network. Similarly, a query from Australia will be directed to the clouds in Australia. This web traffic management ensures the speedy and real time results.

The technique can also be integrated with Load-Balancing to aid real-time failover and to achieve better performance. Global load balancing ensures to upgrade website availability and reliability so that the end users experience optimum web performance. By identifying the geographical location of the query, the global load balancers communicate with the integral servers and forward the request to provide relevant content to the user.

The Global Traffic Director from Web Werks provides geographical source-based IP routing which allows the administrator to optimize traffic flow based on the geographical location of the end user. Traffic can be regionally divided among different servers or data centers which can greatly increase the performance of DNS by segmenting traffic. Global Traffic Director when integrated with services like Load Balancing, it will result in network optimization and improved performance. Consequently resulting in improved availability and redundant network nodes

Traffic Segmentations

  • US-East
  • US-West
  • Europe
  • Asia