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Superb Dual Redundant Network Connectivity

Single Server colocation services range from 1U to 12U usable space. This service is ideal for single server hardware or up to ¼ of a 42U Rack cabinet depending on the size of your server hardware. If you have a business running on your server of size (1U) or multiple server clusters up to 12U, our single server DC colocation is the best option for you.

Web Werks Colocation let you customize your colo needs from 1U on up of usable space, securely locked in a world-class data center at 6 locations and incredible support to meet your IT needs. Our Single Colo solutions are perfect for the client that has less than a full rack worth of equipment as it helps in avoiding over-investing in cabinet space while providing access to a facility that provides the highest level of security, reliability, and availability.

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